Welcome to the IsItVegan website!

This website aims to be an easy-to-use and up-to-date store of information about which products are suitable for vegans.

The online database is updated regularly by several vegans around the country, so the information contained here is a community effort rather than relying solely on the efforts of one individual or organisation.

Because companies change the ingredients of the products every so often, always check the labels before purchasing. If you find anything on the database you believe is not suitable for vegans please email us and we will check it out.

This is a UK website. Note that some of the products that are vegan in the UK may not be vegan in other countries.

Please note that we have removed McCains from our database until they have updated their vegan list. We were informed by one of our readers that one of their products was no longer vegan and after checking the McCains website found out that they are updating all their dietary lists and we therefore cannot certify that any of their products are vegan until they produce their new list.…